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Stories Behind The Bottle: Alcohol training resource for health educators

The Health Innovation Network has produced a compelling training film for frontline NHS staff that aims to reduce the stigma encountered by patients with alcohol problems.

With a grant from Health Education England for South London, King’s College London ran a competition for film school students in south London. The winning film is thought-provoking, with open and honest personal reflections from three women, of their experiences of seeking healthcare for their alcohol dependency.

We are currently working with health educators to develop a facilitator’s pack to support the film which will be available for wider dissemination later this year.

The alcohol-related frequent hospital attenders (ARFA) programme of work leads and supports the development of new, innovative services that appropriately target the needs of this patient group – to break the pattern of recurrent hospital attendances.  While some excellent specialist care is available for alcohol dependency in the NHS, services are typically designed around patients who are stable and able to engage with their care. Patients who are very sick and dealing with multi-morbidities, as well as social problems and chaotic life circumstances, are not always reached by this structure of community care. Part of improving the overall experience for these patients is to ensure that they are not judged or unfairly deprioritised in non-addictions specialist care, before they are linked up with the appropriate care.

If you deliver training to frontline NHS staff, and would like more information about the training package once complete, please contact amy.wolstenholme@kcl.ac.uk.

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