How we work with industry 2

As an AHSN we are uniquely established to help innovators navigate the complex health and care system so that this can happen, faster. We help our partners through:

Health and care change programmes
Evaluation services
Innovation and industry partnerships
Innovation and selection support
Capability and community building

By helping innovators to understand health and care needs we can help to transform patient care, health outcomes, and deliver economic growth. Please view our terms and conditions for more information.

How we can help

  • Innovation Clinics and signposting

    • We provide Innovation Clinics for commercial innovators seeking to work with the health and care sector, helping them understand what and where the challenges are and the financial and clinical evidence requirements to solve them. Our innovation team: Anna King, Commercial Director; Lesley Soden, Programme Director – Innovation; and Karla Richards, Innovation Project Manager.
    • We signpost innovators to additional funding and programme support, such as the National Innovation Accelerator and the  DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme.
    • We also connect innovators with relevant business support programmes such as the DigitalHealth.LondonHealth Accelerator programme, relevant networks, masterclasses, ‘Meet the Expert’ workshops, and funding / investment opportunities such as SRBI competitions or Innovate UK competitions.
  • Horizon scanning, evaluation and evidence gathering

    • Our passionate team of skilled and experienced evaluators, analysts, senior health and care managers and clinical staff undertake bespoke evaluations to build knowledge and evidence bases for innovations, including service evaluations, digital health technology, social return on investment and other mixed-method evaluations.
    • Through the DigitalHealth.London Accelarator we help generate real-world evidence for our solutions by promoting research partnerships and providing research workshops, as well as introductions to research experts and academics.
    • Where relevant, we also partner innovators with health and care providers to deliver pilot schemes so they can safely and effectively test new ideas in clinical settings.
  • Innovation Exchange

    We can give you the opportunities to meet clinicians and others within the health and care system to help you understand their requirements. As part of the AHSN Network, we also support the national AHSN Innovation Exchange, a nationally coordinated programme designed to help innovators understand what the NHS challenges are and connect you to the help you need. Explore the challenges and solutions from across the Network here.

Got an innovation that you would like to discuss with us?

Do you have a brilliant new idea or digital solution? We will choose new projects by considering:

  • What will have the biggest impact on health outcomes for south Londoners;
  • What drives economic growth in south London and beyond;
  • Complex problems which are important, require dedicated resource to understand and need multi-organisational collaboration to address;
  • Areas which are not already being worked on by the system.

If your innovation supports improvement in any of the above areas, we would love to hear from you.

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