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Catheter Care Awareness Week 2017

Following on from a successful campaign in 2016, the Health Innovation Network (HIN) will again be hosting Catheter Care Awareness Week from 19-23 June.

The HIN is using Catheter Care Awareness Week to empower patients and professionals – and to encourage them to question current practices, improve their knowledge and reduce the stigma associated with having a catheter.  A significant proportion of urinary catheter use is not justified by clinical need, and long-term catheterisation carries the risk of catheter-associated urinary-tract infections (CAUTIs), complications (haemorrhage, blockage, trauma) and has detrimental effects on continence status and dependency level.   CAUTIs have a devastating impact on patients, particularly older people, causing recurrent attendance to Emergency Departments, prolonged hospitalisation, re-admissions and increased mortality.

Last year, the HIN’s Catheter Care Awareness Campaign contributed to a 30% reduction in CAUTI in South London. Events and activities run by local hospital Trusts reached almost 1,000 healthcare professionals and over 250 patients, with 561 individual pledges made to improve catheter care. Online, the #CatheterCare Twitter campaign engaged almost 500 users, resulting in 14 million Twitter impressions. Join us again this year and help us reach more patients and clinicians, and increase awareness around catheter safety.

We will be holding a TweetChat on #CatheterCare with @WeNurses on Thursday 15 June from 8:00-9:00pm

If you haven’t joined a TweetChat before, the steps are simple.

  1. Visit wecommunities.org for infomraiton about upcoming TweetChats
  2. Log into your Twitter account (you can register for one at any time by visiting www.Twitter.co.uk)
  3. Click ‘Chat Now’ at the top of the page and use #CatheterCare to join the conversation

We’ll be encouraging people to share their Catheter Care stories and experiences. If you can’t make the TweetChat, be sure to follow the rest of Catheter Care Awareness Week by following the hashtag #CatheterCare.

For more information about Catheter Care Awareness Week please get in touch with the Health Innovation Network at: