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South London Small Grants 2017

The Health Innovation Network and our strategic partners are pleased to announce that applications for the South London Small Grants will open next month. The South London Small Grants are a rebrand of the 2016 Innovation and Diffusion Awards held last year with South West London System (SWLS).

The aim of the grants is to encourage innovations that address the gaps highlighted in the NHS Five Year Forward View and support the ambitions of the Sustainability and Transformation Plans within south London. We also hope to facilitate cross-boundary working in areas of research, education and improvement in healthcare services.

In previous years, the Small Grants have enabled people across London to access small pockets of funding for research and innovation to try out their ideas, using the grant as a springboard to support their potential.

10-15 grants up to £10,000 each will be offered to successful applications.

Previous projects funded by the Small Grants include:

  • Project GROW: Establishing and testing a new intergenerational falls gardening programme to improve physical activity levels, health and wellbeing in older people at risk of falling.
  • Piloting the use of video conferencing technology to support liaison and improved care between general practice and a residential care home.
  • Getting over the Bump: A collaborative project between maternal medicine midwives and occupational therapists enabling increased independence in childcare roles for expectant mothers with physical and/or sensory impairments.

Applications for South London Small Grants 2017 will open this summer. Full application packs will be made available from www.hin-southlondon.org.

For more information, please email HIN.southlondon@nhs.net or follow our Twitter account, https://twitter.com/HINSouthLondon