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An app to promote better oral hygiene

Brush DJ is an award-winning smartphone app that plays music for a recommended two minutes whilst the child brushes their teeth.

Created by NHS Dental Practitioner Ben Underwood, the aim of the app is to make toothbrushing enjoyable, and enable children to adopt good dental hygiene from an early age. Ben’s goal is to help all children grow up free from dental decay and prevent numerous dental diseases.

The app was part of the 2015 National Innovation Accelerator (NIA) cohort. Delivered in partnership between NHS England and all 15 AHSN’s, NIA selects evidence-based and cost-saving innovations that provide solutions to commitment detailed in the Five Year Forward View. The aim of NIA is to create the conditions and cultural change necessary for these innovations to be adopted faster and more systematically through the NHS.

During the NIA, Ben focused on improving access and the user experience by refining the app for Android and Apple products. This included providing free music, links to streamed music, and translation into 13 different languages. He engaged NHS England and Public Health England to promote Brush DJ via existing health channels, and raised awareness of the product through a variety of media opportunities. He also published a peer review study of the app in the British Dental Journey.

As of last year, Brush DJ had achieved a quarter of a million downloads in almost 200 countries, along with 140,000 views of the educational videos within the app.  Currently, it holds a 5 star rating on Apple’s App Store, and has been featured on Oprah.com, in the Daily Telegraph, and on Public Health England’s Webpage.

For more information about NIA products, visit NHS England.