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Competition announced for patient flow and children’s care innovations

SBRI Healthcare have announced the launch of their latest competition – to develop healthcare innovations that address challenges in the high need areas of ‘Managing patient flow in acute care’ and ‘Self-care and independence for children with long-term conditions’. 12 small businesses could each benefit from £100,000 Phase 1 product development funding, from a total of £1.1 million.

Anna King, Commercial Director of Health Innovation Network, said: “When a person’s health needs are complex they often need to interact with different departments and different care processes which can feel like they are bouncing around the system. This isn’t good for patients and it isn’t efficient for the NHS, as it often results in duplication, waste and other inefficiencies. So we are looking for companies with innovations that can help us to improve efficiencies through better use of resources, reduced wastage and delays, and improved processes. This will save money for the NHS but, crucially, will improve the experience and outcomes for patients.”

The national competition is being supported by the Health Innovation Network, alongside Yorkshire and Humber AHSN, West of England AHSN, and Imperial College Health Partners. The deadline for applications is 28 July.

SBRI Healthcare is run by AHSNs and funded by NHS England to develop innovative products and services that address unmet health needs.

Briefing events for businesses to learn about the competition will take place in London on 21 June and Leeds on 22 June. For more information, please visit the SBRI Healthcare website.

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