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Patient Safety & Experience host ‘Improving Staff Experience’ event

On 6 December 2017, Patient Safety & Experience theme hosted members at Roben’s Suite, Guy’s Hospital, for a workshop focusing on improving the experience of healthcare professionals in south London.

There is a vast amount of evidence around the relationship between staff experience and quality of patient care. The workshop was designed to help paint a clear picture of the challenges and existing solutions to staff wellbeing.

Speaking at the event were a fantastic variety of speakers:

Rick Iedema, King’s College London, set the scene by sharing staff experience data and challenging the guests to consider the impact of the NHS hierarcy on staff wellbeing.

Rosanna Hunt, Horizons team at NHS England, asked the crowd to consider the five kinds of energy for change: spiritual, physical, social, intellectual and psychological. She lead the discussion on how to tap into these energies in order to foster ‘ultimate team wellbeing’ as a collective.

Aggie Rice, the Point of Care Foundation, facilitated Anna Janssen, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, along with Margaret Bingham Crisp, Homerton University Hospital NHS Trust, and Health Innovation Network’s own Fay Sibley and Catherine Dale in holding a demonstration schwartz round.

One attendant said:

“The round was truly inspiring and gave the delegates a chance to hear stories from the panel. They put Rick and Rosanna’s talks into real-life context. This helped me to understand how valuable taking time to come together and share stories can be for relationships at work.”

Eric Barrett, senior project manager on the Patient Safety & Experience theme and Health and Wellbeing workstream at Health Innovation Network, shared the award winning secrets behind HIN’s healthy workplace activities, outlining the benefits of investing in staff wellbeing – both physical and mental.

The day ended with author, mentor and speaker Rasheed Ogunlaru, who dedicated this time to helping the audience look inwards as individuals and reflect on the paths that guide them to their passion for staff wellbeing, whilst considering individual purpose, leadership style and motivation.

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