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Technology-enabled remote consultations


The Health Innovation Network has launched a new project providing support to organisations that would like to offer technology-enabled remote consultation to patients.

Over the last few years interest has grown in technological advances that enable clinical consultations to be carried out without patients and professionals needing to be in the same location. Technology-enabled consultations include: clinics that use online video platforms like Skype to talk with patients, e-mail and text messaging patient communications, and patient portals.

While some services in London are well-advanced in establishing technology-enabled consultation, many are curious about the potential but unsure precisely how to proceed. At the Health Innovation Network, we will enable organisations to develop technology-enabled remote consultation, undertake work to achieve benefits for patients, professionals and organisations, and stimulate innovation and encourage spread and adoption in this area of technology and service delivery.

  • Does your organisation currently offer technology-enabled remote consultation?
  • Is this something that you would like to develop or learn more about?
  • Do you have experience and expertise that you would be able to share with other organisations interested in introducing these services?

If so, we would like to hear from you – for more information, please contact Technology Project Manager Tim Burdsey at tim.burdsey@nhs.net.

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