Healthy Ageing

Dementia is one of the biggest challenges we face in health and social care. There are approximately 18,000 people in south London diagnosed with dementia, with a further estimated 7,000 undiagnosed.

We’re focused on improving the lives of people with dementia through two priorities: by ensuring people receive the post diagnostic care and support they need, and through working with the independent residential care sector to ensure they’re offering great quality of care to residents with dementia.

We work in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders to develop and implement innovative ways of improving health outcomes for people with dementia, while working to share best practice across our network.

Healthy Ageing Projects

Rapid Evaluation of Croydon Virtual Ward Model

London Innovation Collaborative care home evaluation

Identifying Dementia in Care Homes using DeAR-GP

Managing Deterioration in non-acute settings

Care Homes Digital Maturity Dashboard

Advance and Urgent Care Plans – London Accelerator

Coordinate My Care

Care Home Pioneer Programme

The Team

Amanda Buttery

Innovation Fellow, Healthy Ageing

Aileen Jackson

Senior Project Manager, Healthy Ageing

Aileen is a senior project manager for the Healthy Ageing programme. She has worked extensively in the health and social care sector including: commissioning, service development, workforce development and social work management and delivery. She is also a qualified trainer and a registered social worker.

David Bradley

Senior Responsible Officer, Healthy Ageing

Polly Sinclair

Lead Analyst

Polly Sinclair is the Lead Analyst in the Information Team. Prior to this she worked as Project Manager in HIN's Health Ageing and Patient Experience teams. She also has experience working in a joint commissioning team across Richmond Council and CCG and has worked as a social researcher.

Rebecca Jarvis

Director of Operations

Rebecca spent much of her career in project and programme management across health and social care organisations, previously working as a Joint Strategic Commissioner for Bromley Council and Bromley PCT (now CCG) of services for older people and carers, and as programme manager for the Diabetes Modernisation Initiative in Lambeth and Southwark. Formerly Programme Director for Healthy Ageing, Rebecca undertook the role of Director of Operations in December last year.

Krystal Wong

Project Support Officer, Healthy Ageing

Krystal is the Project Support Officer for the Diabetes and Healthy Ageing programmes at the HIN. She holds a BSc in Health Sciences and has a strong interest in health promotion and community development. Previously, she worked for various non-profit health organisations including Diabetes Canada on a Type 2 diabetes prevention/healthy eating and cooking programme.

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