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Musculoskeletal (MSK) describes a range of conditions affecting the bones and joints.

After mental health and cardiac health, MSK uses more resources than other diseases treated by the NHS. Around 20% of all GP consultations are MSK related, and it accounts for around 25% of all surgical interventions.

The most common MSK condition is osteoarthritis, also known as chronic joint pain. Knee, hip and back pain are the most common problems experienced by people with this condition. We’re focusing on supporting people with osteoarthritis through early intervention, using types of treatments with a proven track record which focus on prevention and self-care.


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Joint Pain Advisor – Exploring a New Model of Care for Chronic Joint Pain

ESCAPE-pain programme – Promote and Support the Spread

The Team

Andrea Carter

Programme Director, Musculoskeletal

Andrea has worked in NHS management in London for 20 years, including General Management posts at Chelsea and Westminster and Queen Elizabeth Hospitals; and Programme Management roles including reorganisation of South East London Stroke Services. Andrea joined the Health Innovation Network soon after it was formed.

Fay Sibley

Senior Project Manager, Musculoskeletal

Ambra Caruso

Senior Project Manager, Musculoskeletal

Fran Thompson

Project Support Officer, Alcohol

Francesca has joined the Health Innovation Network as project support officer for both the Alcohol and Musculoskeletal themes. Francesca holds a masters degree in public health and has a strong interest in community health and prevention. She is new to London and the NHS; having previously worked in a state-wide tobacco control programme in the U.S.

Mike Hurley

Clinical Director, Musculoskeletal

Mike’s research career started in 1988 at University College London. In 1990 he moved to the Physiotherapy Department, King’s College London, completed a PhD in 1992. He was there as Lecturer, Reader and Professor in Physiotherapy until he moved to the School of Rehabilitation Sciences at St George’s University of London in October 2010.

Andrew Walker

Innovation Fellow, Musculoskeletal

Jenny Ly

Project Manager, Musculoskeletal

Jenny graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Pharmacy. She has predominantly worked as a community pharmacist in Australia and has also worked in the not-for-profit and pharmaceutical sectors managing health service delivery. Her hobbies include travelling and hiking.

Zoe Zambelli

Project Support Officer, Musculoskeletal

Zoe is a Project Support Officer for the MSK Programme, she is currently working within the ESCAPE-pain project team to implement the programme across the U.K. Zoe previously worked in events management and recruitment before moving into the NHS. She is nearing the end of her Master’s degree in Psychology later this year.

Amy Semple

Senior Project Manager, Musculoskeletal

Amy spent 10 years in the private sector in business management before changing career. Graduating with BSc Health Studies and Master Public Health from Kings College London she worked as a Health Researcher for national charities and Local Government before joining the NHS. Hobbies include gardening, travelling and real ale.

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