The deteriorating patient is a patient that moves from one clinical state to a worse clinical state, increasing their risk of morbidity, organ-dysfunction, prolonged hospital stay or death.

Led by NHS Improvement, the deterioration workstream aims to reduce avoidable harm and enhance the outcomes and experience of deteriorating patients across England, by improving the reliability of recognition, response, and communication. It will achieve this by ensuring that clear and common language is used when patients are deteriorating, through the implementation of the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) across the country to reduce variation and improve the quality of care.

Health Innovation Network is working to meet the aims of the national workstream by achieving the following objectives:

  1. Increasing the adoption of NEWS(2) as the early warning score tool across the acute and ambulance trusts in south London
  2. Increasing the skills of clinical staff in the escalation of deteriorating patients, using SBAR as a communication tool
  3. Design and implementation of Treatment Escalation Plans

To deliver the NEWS(2) and SBAR objectives acute trusts, London Ambulance Service and community providers will be invited to be part of a collaborative across south London. Behavioural insights will be applied to inform and develop the projects.

London South Bank University will also support us to achieve the SBAR objective.