Greater London Authority – Homelessness Project

The Health Innovation Network alongside UCL Partners will be supporting Imperial College Health Partners who are co-ordinating a two-year project testing how new collaborative ways of working can provide targeted support and help people leave the streets for good. The aim is to ensure that mental health and homelessness services work in collaboration to deliver better outcomes for people sleeping rough and learn from each other’s expertise. There will be a strong focus on evaluation to better understand what works and how provision can be further improved in the future.

The four mental health trusts delivering the services are:

  • East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT),
  • North East London NHS Foundation trust (NELFT),
  • Central and North West London Foundation NHS Trust (CNWL)
  • West London NHS Trust (WLT)

The project is supported through a scheme by the Major of London to support people with mental health needs sleeping rough in the capital. Dedicated teams of mental health practitioners from NHS Mental Health Trusts will join outreach workers on the streets from organisations such as St Mungo’s, Thames Reach and Single Homeless Project (SHP). They will provide people sleeping rough with flexible, accessible mental health support, which better understands their needs and ensures they receive the appropriate assessment and treatment.

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By Lydia Davies