Tamoxifen – Licensed repurposed therapies for use in managing breast cancer risk in people with a family history

Of 1000 women who appropriately take Tamoxifen as chemoprevention, 30 will be prevented from developing breast cancer over a 5-year period. The AAC is launching this project to promote awareness, among primary care clinicians, of prescribing Tamoxifen to reduce the chance of developing breast cancer for women with familial risk of breast cancer

Project overview

Only 53% of primary care practitioners were familiar with the opportunity to prescribe Tamoxifen as a licenced chemoprevention and many practitioners are not aware of the options available for familial breast cancer and prevention services. Our project is launching in January 2021 and will look to provide clinical education around opportunities for prescribing in primary care. This will also involve reviewing processes to identify eligible patients at risk and supporting the use of genetic tests where appropriate to affected women for high risk genes and cascade testing for unaffected women. We would like to work with our local cancer alliance as well as consultants for cancer genetics to advise and guide us with this project

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Please get in touch at hin.nhsaac@nhs.net for further information regarding the clinical, financial and patient benefits of Tamoxifen and for details regarding adopting the product in your organisation.

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By Rita Mogaiji