ED Transitions: Early identification and notification with involvement of families and carers

    This page forms part of our "supporting age-related transitions in eating disorders" resources.

    Guidance from the Royal College of Psychology (RCPsych) states that discussions about transitions between Childhood and Adolescent Eating Disorder Services (CAEDS) and Adult Eating Disorder Services (AEDS) should start at least 6 months before the planned transition.

    Transition meetings should be set up at the earliest opportunity involving the young person and their family/carers. Good quality information should be provided to patients and their carers. Addressing expectations around autonomy and confidentiality is particularly important.

    "We had maybe two meetings with both my current child therapist and my new adult therapist and myself, so I could voice my concerns (about my anxiety around my family no longer being involved)."Patient, Service X Mental Health Foundation Trust