World sepsis day – watch our ‘Spotting sepsis in under 5’s’ film

Share our vital film on World Sepsis Day

Sepsis kills 44,000 each year in England and research shows that identifying it and acting on it quickly can save many lives. Our Spotting sepsis in under 5’s is a a vital tool in spotting the condition in the very young.

Today marks World Sepsis Day, a day to raise awareness about the dangers of sepsis. A life-threatening reaction to infection that can result in tissue damage, organ failure and death.

Spotting the signs of sepsis early and being treated as quickly as possible can lead to a full recovery and gives the patient the best chance of survival, every minute counts with this condition.

Find out more about the signs and symptoms of sepsis at NHS UK .

And we have some great information on our website telling you all about sepsis, the incidence in South London and worldwide.

Help save lives by raising awareness and being alert to the signs and symptoms.

We have had reports of two lives that have been saved directly because of an intervention prompted by the person viewing the Spotting sepsis in under 5’s film.