Fay Sibley

    September 20, 2019

    Fay Sibley

    Senior Project Manager

    Fay Sibley is a Senior Project Manager for the MSK team, her work with the HIN focuses on working with Healthcare Professionals in Primary Care to help patients with osteoarthritis manage their condition. She is also working with community staff who regularly work with patients with common musculoskeletal conditions to co-design, deliver and sustain appropriate training to improve skills in this area.
    Fay joined the team permanently in September 2016 after completing a secondment as a Darzi Fellow in 2015/2016 and obtaining PGDip in Healthcare Leadership. Fay joined the HIN from London Ambulance Service where she was employed as Paramedic team leader. Prior to working as a paramedic, Fay trained as a Physiotherapist.

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