Collaborative approach to meeting the Mental Health needs of patients with Diabetes and utilising an already commissioned service.

Kingston Hospital diabetes clinic approached iCope, the IAPT provider commissioned by Kingston and Richmond CCG to explore how the service could be tailored to meet the specific needs of their diabetes patients.

A psychological therapist was appointed to work with the team, resulting in a two way learning process through observing various types of diabetes clinics combined with discussions with clinicians to get an understanding of the psychological needs of patients. Diabetes health care professionals (HCPs) were provided with skills from iCope of how to broach the subject of psychology with patients.

The service monitors outcomes using the IAPT standard dataset and the Diabetes Distress Screening Scale (DDS 17) and HbA1c and engagement. Launched in August 2018, feedback has been positive from both the health care professionals and patients and iCope are looking to increase their input to meet demand.

For more information contact Claire Neeley, Deputy Clinical Director, HIN Diabetes Theme