SEL Transforming and Integrating Medicines Optimisation workshop

    Event details


    November 17


    12:00 pm - 04:30 pm


    160 Tooley Street

    160 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2HZ

    London, GB, SE1 2HZ

    Please join us for our first in person half-day workshop to take place on Friday 17th November 2023

    Dear Medicines Optimisation Colleagues,

    We want to create a ‘Transformation Network’ across the SEL system for Medicines Optimisation – so that pharmacy professionals can explore and reflect on how we can improve our ways of working to ensure that pharmacy teams across our organisations can work at their full potential as part of multidisciplinary teams delivering high quality care, making a big difference to patient outcomes and to clinicians’ day jobs.

    Please join us for our first in person half-day workshop to take place on Friday 17th November 2023 (1.00 - 4.30pm - Lunch / networking from 12.15pm) in person at 160 Tooley St, SE1. There is lunch before we start, so if you can join us, it would be fantastic (but please let us know when if you are coming for lunch when you register, for catering purposes).

    Who should attend? – We would like to have a perspective from all those working in pharmacy across the system. If you have ideas to share, and would like to shape how we work together in South East London, you are welcome to join the network.

    We want this first workshop to be the start of a journey – a series of network meetings – in order to collaboratively build our ICS-wide approach and deliver our Forward Plan vision and objectives. To do this, we need representation from those working across the system to take this ambition forward. Our current plan for future network meetings is as follows. Please note, you do not need to attend all network meetings, but we hope you will join us for as many meetings as you can:

    1st Session (17th November 2023): F2F, Half Day, Setting the scene, defining purpose of network and identifying the vision, key functions and priorities of the MO teams..

    2nd Session (2023 tbc): F2F, Half-Day, World Café: Identifying what the currently challenges are around delivering care aligned to the agreed key care principles

    3rd Session (2024 tbc): F2F, Half-Day, Generating ideas on how to change in order to deliver care aligned to key care principles

    4th Session (2024 tbc): Virtual, 2.5hrs, Turning session 3 ideas into plans

    5th Session (2024 tbc): Virtual, 2.5hrs, How group will organise in order to deliver change, agree communication approach and where responsibility for actions sit.

    6th Session: F2F, Half-Day, Presenting back the network’s plans to MO teams and wider stakeholders.

    The session will be facilitated by our AHSN partner, the Health Innovation Network. Please see attached agenda for more details.

    We are really excited to see as many of you as possible on the 17th November.