South London MatNeoSIP QI 2nd Network Event:Tools to understand the problem

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    September 14


    12:30 pm - 02:00 pm

    Quality Improvement (QI) series to learn and gain practical support on how to implement a QI project in Maternity and Neonatal Safety

    You are warmly invited to the South London Maternity and Neonatal Safety Improvement Programme (MatNeoSIP) 2nd Network Event on Wednesday 14th September 2022, 12:30 – 14:00 .

    Workshop 2/5 will be focused on understanding the present state through the use of tools such as a fishbone diagram, process mapping and the 5 "Whys". The aim of this session is to provide a safe environment for the teams to step back, look at the service in detail to understand where the problems are and identify opportunities for improvement.

    Recap of the series: This series is fully funded and open to anyone undertaking a QI project on the optimisation and stabilisation of the preterm infant. You will learn the principles and tools of QI and how to apply them in practice in this series of five bitesize sessions aimed at health and care professionals.

    Participating multi-disciplinary teams will be supported through an improvement cycle delivered across 5 x 1.5 hour virtual workshops and additional coaching support via the HIN project team over a 12 month programme. Our training and tailored support for each individual service will allow teams to bring their own unique current understanding of their service and suggestions for areas to improve maximising opportunities in:

    • Ensure all babies are born in appropriate care setting for gestation (place of birth) Singleton <27+0 weeks gestation or <800g, or all multiples <28+0 weeks gestation
    • Ensure magnesium sulphate is offered to women where preterm birth is imminent or planned <30+0 weeks gestation
    • Ensure intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis is offered to women in established preterm labour between 24+0 weeks and 33+6 weeks gestation
    • Ensure antenatal corticosteroids are offered to women in threatened preterm labour <34+0 weeks gestation
    • Ensure optimal cord management is received by all babies <34+0 weeks gestation
    • Ensure optimal normothermic range (between 36.5-37.5 degrees Celsius) for all babies <32+0 weeks gestation
    • Ensure maternal breast milk is received with 24 hours of birth by all babies <34+0 weeks gestation

    To make the most out of this QI series, participants should aim to commit to all 5 of the workshops (dates below). Each group will comprise of colleagues from the trusts, with an initial introductory session and four facilitated sessions over the course of the series. Each session will last 1h30mins. Please share this invitation with individuals who may be interested in attending.

    • 29th June 2022 – Workshop 1: Introduction to QI series
    • 14th September 2022 - Workshop 2: Understanding present state - Aim: to provide a safe environment for the teams to step back, look at the service in detail and identify areas for improvement.
    • 7th December 2022 - Workshop 3: Beginning to change - Aim: To begin sharing project plans and ideas.
    • 16th March 2023 - Workshop 4: Early success and refining - Aim: to enable teams to start to refine project plans using their PDSA findings.
    • 15th June 2023 - Workshop 5: Sustain and share - Aim: To share and celebrate success and develop skills and plans for continuous improvement.

    Please get in touch with Gemma Dakin if you have any questions –

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