Joint Working Agreements and Transfers of Value

A joint working agreement (JWA) provides a common reference point that formalises this collaborative relationship, the responsibilities and boundaries for each partner.

The information below outlines joint working agreements and transfers of value between the Health Innovation Network and commercial organisations that support us in increasing the spread and adoption of innovation across south London and beyond, at pace and scale.

Our current joint working agreements and transfers of value (ToVs)

Organisations involved

Health Innovation Network and Amarin

Summary of activity

Final Learning Event and Project Case-studies for the Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prevention Fellowship programme



Monetary or in-kind value

£20,339 from Amarin

Summary of benefit

Primary care clinicians in south London share learning and best practice from projects aimed at improving care for cardiovascular patients, with the view to make the improvement sustainable and replicate the impact in other areas.

Health Innovation Network and Daiichi-Sankyo

Quality Improvement Training and Support to Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Improvement Projects for the Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prevention Fellowship programme


£40,634 from Daiichi-Sankyo

Improved knowledge and understanding of quality improvement methodologies, CVD data sets and risk stratification for AF and other CVD conditions.

Target group: primary care clinicians in south London.

Health Innovation Network and Novartis

SEL Lipid Pathway Transformation Project @guardyourheart

2023 - 2025

No monetary value has been given.

Resources will be allocated to the NHS Trusts in SEL to recruit three Senior CVD Specialist Pharmacists and a clinic coordinator.

Improve the quality of care for patients and support the early identification, review, and medical optimisation of patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD).

Health Innovation Network and Daiichi-Sankyo

Non-promotional grant for the Cardiovascular (CVD) Fellowship. This was used to sponsor the final event.

Sharing learning from the HIN Cardiovascular Prevention Fellowship programme.


£10,000 from Daiichi-Sankyo for Communications


£19,756 from Daiichi-Sankyo

Upskilled local clinicians and Improved patient outcomes via:

  • Better networks - bringing together staff to share ideas and make connections.
  • Supporting the spread of best practice – a model tested successfully in a local area is replicated elsewhere in the country.

Health Innovation Network and Sanofi Adventis

Event sponsorship


£10,263.00 from Sanofi Adventis


DigitalHealth.London and Bayer PLC (UK)

Staff secondment


Donation/grant of £14,868.00

In-kind value:
Staff Secondment

Seconded staff worked at DigitalHealth.London 2 days a week from 1 August 2021 to 31 December 2022 and then from 1 January 2023 onwards for 1 day a week.

Health Innovation Network and UCB

Funding for the Myasthenia Gravis (MG) Project

2021 - 2022

£73,225 from UCB

This funded the costs of a project to form an expert panel to review insights on current MG care and identify areas that could be improved, before reaching consensus and making a series of recommendations to elevate the standard of care for patients.

Health Innovation Network and Sanofi Adventis

Event sponsorship


£6,841.99 from Sanofi Adventis