Sitekit and Health Innovation Network launch the Liberate to Innovate report today

June 7, 2021

The speed and ingenuity of the NHS’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic presents a unique opportunity to understand how successful digital transformation can be delivered quickly and at scale. In partnership with Sitekit, we published a report to capture the behaviours, values and decisions which made rapid digital innovation during the covid-19 pandemic possible.

As infections increased and the country went into lockdown, every part of the health service began the rapid adoption of digital tools, but there was no certainty of success. The NHS’s ability to repurpose services and buildings, establish new virtual teams, find new ways of delivering care and even improve services depended on liberating countless individual acts of leadership, collaboration, problem solving and empathy.

“The past 12 months have seen extraordinary changes in health and social care. As south London’s AHSN, we have been involved in a wide variety of transformative projects helping local and national NHS partners use innovative digital technologies and approaches to respond to the intense pressures of the pandemic.”Anna King, Commercial Director, Health Innovation Network

In collaboration with Sitekit, we listened to the stories of NHS staff who have been making this extraordinary acceleration in digital transformation a reality, to help us all learn from 2020 about how to deliver innovation in the years to come.

“It is vital that the sometimes hard-learned lessons of this period are recorded, and that we use these insights to inform the future of digital transformation in healthcare.”Anna King, Commercial Director, Health Innovation Network

We have also reflected on how digital transformation during the pandemic has enhanced NHS culture. We believe there are vital lessons to be learned from the pandemic about what drives success in digital transformation. We hope that chief information officers and other technology leaders and senior managers will use this unique opportunity for learning to maximise the chances of success as the healthcare digital revolution accelerates.

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