Stories Behind The Bottle

    Stories Behind The Bottle

    Stories Behind the Bottle is a compelling training film for frontline NHS staff that aims to reduce the stigma encountered by patients with alcohol problems.

    Last year our Alcohol theme produced a compelling training film for frontline NHS staff with the aim of reducing the stigma encountered by patients who have an alcohol misuse issue. Patients with substance misuse issues still experience judgemental and stigmatising attitudes when seeking care within the NHS. A grant was obtained from Health Education England (South London) to develop a staff training resource to:

    • Reduce generalisations and stigma associated with substance misuse
    • Support NHS professionals who have little to no training in this area
    • Improve overall patient experience which may further aid successful recovery

    We had support from King’s College London who coordinated a competition for film school students across south London to produce a short. Three entries were shortlisted for development into a full-length training film; the successful student also had the added support and mentoring from professional film maker who specialised in health. The winning entry featured three women who reflect on their individual experiences of care within the NHS and flags the importance of treating those with a substance misuse issue with the upmost dignity and how to avoid stigma having a negative effect in the care that they receive.

    The film, and accompanying training resources are now available to all NHS staff on the e-learning for health website. Please note that you will need to register to access the materials.

    Register to access the film and training resources.