VISIBLE: Vision screening to improve balance and prevent falls

Visual impairment is a key reason for falls. In 2017, the College of Optometrists reported that the rate of falls in older adults with visual impairment is almost twice as high as other older adults of the same age.

Both depression and dementia in older adults can increase the risk of falls.

Additionally, factors that contribute to the risk of falls caused by poor vision include:

  • Poor balance from reduced central and/or peripheral vision;
  • Trips over obstacles or on stairs due to poor central and/or peripheral vision and reduced depth perception;
  • Reluctance to undertake physical activity because of uncorrected vision loss, which can reduce muscle strength and increase likelihood of a fall;

VISIBLE is a simple stepped approach to implement vision screening in community settings. It combines resources for opticians and wider community organisations with the aim of increasing knowledge of the link between vision, balance and falls prevention.

To find out more, visit our VISIBLE website page here.

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