Catheter Care Community of Practice

    Catheter Care Community of Practice

    The management of urinary catheter varies from trust to trust, country to country. There is very little evidence showing what is the best way to manage catheter and prevent infections. CAUTI is one of the most common healthcare-associated infections and we still see patients not getting the right care they need in the acute settings and communities.

    In order to maintain and consolidate the momentum of the Catheter Care south London Collaborative, the idea of Community of Practice (CoP) was introduced in the last learning session.

    The good work will not sustain if there is not something in place to get people who are passionate about patient safety and patient experienced to work together. A few issues people discussed most during the project are reduced catheter-related A&E admission, catheter training, TWOC pathway, out of hours’ catheter service, CAUTI audit, more recognition on continence advisor role.

    The catheter care community of practice offers a unique opportunity for professionals across health and social care to explore the implications of the catheter care agenda “through the eyes of others” and encourages people to reflect on their own practice in light of the practice of colleagues. The community exists to share and create knowledge, consider approaches that may work and identify what will not work, in implementing catheter care initiatives across organisations.