Catheter Care south London collaborative

    screenshot from catheter care animation showing a lady with catheter in a wheelchair and a health care professional

    Catheter Care south London Collaborative

    It all started as a two-year catheter quality improvement programme across south London aiming to reduce CAUTIs by 30% and improve catheter practice. We adopted the Institute for Healthcare Improvement ‘Breakthrough Series Collaborative’ methodology to form a south London collaborative, made up of 9 acute hospitals and 8 community services, where all organisations could share and learn from one another.

    The programme had four main stages or drivers:

    1. Co-production with patients and Age UK to design catheter information material and an animated catheter video.
    2. Implementing a catheter-care bundle with our providers.
    3. Improving infrastructure and culture.
    4. The IHI Breakthrough Collaborative methodology including PDSA tests of change and measurements of improvement strategies.

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