Healthier You (National Diabetes Prevention Programme)

Healthier You is the NHS type 2 Diabetes Prevention Programme. It’s the first nationwide programme of its kind in the world, offering those at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes a place on a nine-month behavioural intervention programme. The programme aims to lower their risk through achieving a healthy weight, eating a healthier diet and being more physically active through 18 group face-to-face sessions.

The longer-term aims of Healthier You the NDPP are:

  • To reduce further incidence of Type 2 diabetes
  • To reduce the incidence of complications associated with diabetes – heart, stroke, kidney, eye and foot problems related to diabetes
  • To reduce health inequalities in access to services and the outcomes that are associated with the incidence of diabetes.

South London is one of 10 sites across the country within wave one of the programme, with a target of reaching over 9000 South London residents over the next two years. The Health Innovation Network coordinated the bid for South London, working closely with Southwark CCG as the lead organisation for the partnership. Partners are working with Reed Momenta, the provider, to deliver the programmes locally.

Partners have developed their own referral pathways in line with the needs of their local populations. The HIN plays a part in regularly reporting and monitoring the delivery of Healthier You, and sharing best practice and learning across the partnership.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the programme please contact Ella-Rose Bostock, Project Manager at