You & Type 2 at Home Evaluation

You & Type 2

You and Type 2 at Home was a proof of concept pilot for a fully remote type 2 diabetes annual review pathway. It was developed during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, when primary care clinicians were asked to reduce face-to-face contact where possible.

You and Type 2 at Home was a collaboration between the Health Innovation Network, South West London ICB, Thriva and It provided people with a blood pressure machine, finger stick blood testing kit and urine testing kit to complete at home. This allowed them to remotely complete the You and Type 2 care and support planning annual review pathway, which is based on the Year of Care methodology.

This proof of concept evaluation looked at the profile of those who chose to use the remote pathway, and the experience of using this pathway for both people with diabetes and NHS and industry staff.

Key Findings

  • Both pilot practices were able to successfully provide a remote type 2 diabetes annual review pathway.
  • Practice staff found the remote pathway offer useful and saw potential for it to reduce pressures on primary care.
  • Many of the service users found the tests acceptable for use, with some wanting to use the pathway annually.
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For more information on You and Type 2 at Home contact Project Manager Kate Rawlings.

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