PReCePT – Prevention of Cerebral Palsy in Preterm Labour

Magnesium sulphate has been demonstrated as an effective neuroprotectant for babies delivered prematurely. Antenatal administration reduces the risk of cerebral palsy by around 30%, however, in the UK, uptake has been significantly lower than other countries. In 2016, the National Neonatal Audit Programme reported only 43% of women who delivered at <30 weeks of gestation were given magnesium sulphate in the UK.

Project overview

In the West of England, the Academic Health Science Network have undertaken a project in partnership with their 5 acute trusts to raise awareness of the evidence and improve uptake of magnesium sulphate as a neuroprotectant. PReCePT (Prevention of Cerebral Palsy in Preterm Labour) has been hugely successful and increased uptake from an average of 21% to 88% through the course of the project. Some units now reaching 95% uptake.

At the Health Innovation Network, we are looking to adopt, adapt and build on the work of the PReCePT project to improve the uptake of magnesium sulphate in all our maternity units across South London.

It is our ambition to reach 95% uptake rates of magnesium sulphate across south London by March 2020.

Please visit the AHSN Network or follow @PReCePT_MgSO4 on Twitter for more information.

For more information about Life QI, the online quality improvement platform supporting teams undertaking PReCePT click here.

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If you have any questions or would like to hear about our work in south London, please contact Ellie Wharton, Project Manager.

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