Supporting care home staff to look after their wellbeing during a pandemic

The HIN partnered with training provider Hayat Consultancy to run a pilot online My Wellbeing training course for care home staff in south London to improve mental wellbeing. This was intended to support care home staff who were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Project overview

The Covid-19 pandemic raised a new set of challenges for care home residents, their families and the staff that look after them. Care homes needed to rapidly adapt to new ways of working, including accessing healthcare services remotely, caring for residents with complex health needs and providing palliative care for residents.

They are also facing significant workforce challenges with many care staff off sick, self-isolating due to Covid-19, or unable to come to work due to fear and anxiety for their own safety.

Hayat Consultancy ran two short online ‘My Wellbeing’ courses for a total of 30 care home staff and offered a follow up session and a moderated WhatsApp group for a four week period.

“ Since the workshop, I can now identify what needs to change in my work life and make changes.”participant feedback

We have been working with local partners to explore rolling this training out across their boroughs. We have presented to the AHSN network and had follow up conversations with Wessex and Oxford AHSN. The full report is available from Hayat Consultancy.

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Key achievements

  • 59% of respondents rated the pilot course as excellent and 76% agreed they understood the importance of mental wellbeing.
  • Four weeks after the training ten out of 13 respondents (77%) could now recognise stress, anxiety and burnout more easily in themselves and others.
  • Seven attendees mentioned talking to colleagues if they appeared stressed, or to improve mental wellbeing.