Embedding “Think Diabetes in the Workplace” – an evaluation


This report evaluates a project by the HIN to offer diabetes education working with two major London employers. Working closely with the London Ambulance Service (LAS) and Transport for London (TfL), employees were offered clinically proven Structured Education to tackle Type 2 diabetes.

The working population in Britain spends roughly a third of their life at work. Diabetes has significant implications for the economy and the workplace due to increased levels of sickness absence.

We know that structured education (SE) is part of the solution. Despite this, uptake rates of diabetes SE are low and one of the reasons commonly cited is that it is difficult to take time off work.

The HIN has been working with a number of employers to explore opportunities to provide access to diabetes SE via the workplace. Two organisations agreed to pilot this approach – London Ambulance Service and Transport for London, by offering access to both online (remote) and in-house face-to-face SE courses for employees with Type 2 diabetes.

This report evaluates the success of this pilot.

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