Mindset-XR Innovation Support Programme

Welcome to the Innovate UK Mindset-XR Innovation Support Programme, delivered by the Health Innovation Network South London.

The Mindset Programme

Innovate UK’s £20 million Mindset programme is helping to catalyse the growth of immersive digital mental health solutions in the UK. By funding projects that develop therapeutic interventions, Mindset is establishing a supportive ecosystem to facilitate the market entry of these innovations.

Through fostering collaboration between the immersive technology sector and mental health providers, Mindset aims to accelerate treatment by leveraging immersive digital therapies to offer faster and more accessible support for individuals with mental health concerns.

What will the Innovate UK's Mindset-XR Innovation Support Programme accomplish?

As part of the overall Mindset Programme IUK have partnered with the Health Innovation Network South London (HIN) to support Mindset projects develop their innovation toward market readiness. The partnership with HIN will see the creation of the XR Innovator Support Programme for UK innovators in advancing immersive digital mental health therapeutics. A suite of support will be on offer encompassing expert guidance for funding opportunity applicants and specialised support for both large-scale industrial research and smaller feasibility projects.

The programme will develop a knowledge-sharing community and see the initiation of transformative discussions through industry and health system roundtables.

Through collaboration with experts across the UK, the HIN will deliver a programme of innovator support including:

  • Creating a networking and information sharing platform for potential collaborators.
  • Providing advice and expert support to existing and future competition applicants.
  • Delivering a programme of outreach and engagement activities to cover the whole of the UK, including the devolved administrations.
  • Facilitating knowledge exchange and providing tailored support for Mindset projects.
  • Delivering a learning package on a range of topics that address key challenges and barriers to innovation development and adoption.
  • Creating the conditions for change through industry-wide and health system-wide roundtables.

The power of collaboration

The Innovate UK Mindset-XR Innovator Support Programme will draw on the expertise of several organisations in mental health across the UK.

This collaboration enables UK-wide reach and combines complementary expertise in digital therapeutics, service user engagement, clinical research design, and regulation. These diverse skills are essential in tackling the challenges associated with integrating immersive technology into the healthcare system and society.

Meet the team

From across the Health Innovation Network South London we have assembled a talented team to drive the Mindset-XR Innovator Support Programme. 

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Meet our delivery partners

We have assembled a talented group of delivery partners to drive the Mindset-XR Innovator Support Programme.

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