Perfect Ward provides a simple, smart inspection mobile app to improve quality checks and audits across all types of healthcare environments, such as hospital wards, mental health units, community care facilities, care homes and commissioning.


Working with Perfect Ward and Kent, Surrey and Sussex AHSN, the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator brought together senior nursing staff from ten London NHS trusts to discuss ways of improving ward audit quality – a challenge that each trust was facing.

Seven trusts expressed their interest in Perfect Ward’s solution, and all of them went on to agree contracts. Since then, a range of other trusts in London and the surrounding areas have also signed contracts to use Perfect Ward. This includes a variety of NHS organisations – large, multi-site teaching hospitals, mental health and community services, district general hospitals and specialist hospitals.

Some nurses from London trusts have moved away from the capital and at least three have brought Perfect Ward with them into their new organisations. This is further helping to support digital transformation and quality improvements in trusts across the country and significant growth for the company.

When asked in 2018, how many of the additional jobs Prefect Ward has created that they would attribute to their involvement in the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme (directly or indirectly), the company said all ten new members of their staff. The spread and adoption of Perfect Ward has therefore created jobs and is stimulating economic growth.

Jonathan Knight, founder of Perfect Ward, said: “The NHS is difficult to navigate, so it has really helped to be part of the respected DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Programme. They have the ability to convene discussions with relevant decision makers and match-make us with early adopters in the NHS.”

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