Using patient insights to transform NHS 111 services

July 11, 2024

London's NHS 111 is being transformed to meet service demand sustainably for the future. The changes aim to shift patients who access the 111 services by phone onto digital pathways and online services, which enables them to access appropriate care in a timely way.  The Health Innovation Network (HIN) South London is supporting NHS England London engage with patients to ensure that the changes reflect their needs and benefit patients and the system as a whole. 

During May the Health Innovation Network (HIN) South London organised two workshops with people who had recently used the NHS 111 service. In total, 21 patients took part in activities to help us understand their views of the changes and learn how to achieve the aim of encouraging service users to switch to digital options when using 111. Feedback from those who participated in the workshops was positive. Participants enjoyed the format and welcomed the opportunity to contribute.

Recommendations identified through the workshops will be discussed with the NHS England London team working on the digital transformation of 111 later in June. Following verification with a cohort of patients who did not attend the workshops, necessary changes will be made. Patients will be brought back in September to review how their input has been picked up in the changes to the service.

Patients were recruited through the networks of London’s Healthwatch and information about the patient insights project resulted in over 150 Londoners volunteering to support the work. With their consent, we have created a list of people we can involve in the different activities we are undertaking, including helping us develop surveys and other feedback approaches.

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