FeNO Devices Available at Discounted Cost to Practices and PCNs

April 4, 2023

The NHS have received long-term loan offers of FeNO devices to improve access to lung function testing in primary care/the community. This initiative can support the mobilisation of quality-assured Respiratory Diagnostic Hubs (see the Respiratory Diagnostic Specification - February 2023) which aim to bring timely and accurate diagnoses, in line with the aspirations of the NHS Long-Term Plan.

The FeNO devices are being offered by two suppliers: Circassia (NIOX VERO device) and Intermedical (Bedfont NObreath device).

The business models for the two suppliers are quite different - a comparison of the two devices is available here. Local teams should consider which device offer is most suitable. Both offers require a three-year contract with the supplier:

  • Circassia: three-year loan agreement:
    • NIOX VERO - free of charge
    • Commitment required to buy minimum 100 test kits annually (£970 + VAT in year 1, £1060 + VAT in years 2&3)
    • No annual service required
  • Intermedical: three-year loan agreement:
    • Bedfont NO breath - £795 + VAT in year 1 (for the device and 50 mouthpieces), 695 + VAT in years two and three (device only)
    • Annual service included (normally £150 + VAT)
    • Further boxes of 50 mouthpieces (£175 + VAT) available as required, however no minimum annual order.

View the NICE diagnostic guidance.

Please note that both devices are also available to purchase outright. Local teams should undertake due diligence to inform which device offer should be pursued.

If you're interested in accessing these long-term loan FeNO device offers, in south east London please speak to Cheryl Leung and in south west London, please speak to your relevant borough lead.