Atrial Fibrillation patient optimisation pilot programme (Virtual Clinics)

The Stroke Prevention team supported delivering the pilot programme and providing training and education support on the virtual clinic model to the seconded specialist in south London

Project overview

Based on a model developed in Lambeth and Southwark to optimise the treatment of people with AF, the NHS has announced a £9 million investment to fund a demonstrator project to test out new ways of providing treatment to people with AF. In 23 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) around the country, specialist anticoagulation pharmacists or nurses will work with GPs to identify and treat up to 20,000 people with high-risk AF who are not currently taking anticoagulants. It is estimated this work could prevent up to 700 strokes within this period and approximately 200 deaths from stroke.

The Health Innovation Network with support from Croydon, Greenwich and Kingston CCGs are included from south London in this project. The virtual clinic (VC) will be take place as a conversation between the specialist clinical pharmacist or anticoagulation nurse and the GP, either face-to-face, or remotely via telephone or skype. They will use the VC to discuss the optimal treatment they should recommend to the patient.

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