National Hypertension Programme

As part of the National Hypertension Programme, we are working with primary care teams across south London to reduce hypertension and increase the detection of it in their services and within the community.

Project overview

We are supporting our colleagues in primary care in their work to support their patients with hypertension, and to increase detection both in GP Practices and in the community. The work is part of a national project to support primary care teams to improve the health of patients and prevent heart attacks, strokes and dementia by ensuring patients are appropriately monitored and their blood pressure and broader cardiovascular risk are optimised supporting improved self-management.

In south east London we are working with Clinical Effectiveness South East London and the South London Cardiovascular Operational Delivery Network to deliver the Hypertension Recovery Scheme. The scheme offers primary care networks funding and support to make improvements in their work around hypertension. Additionally, we have worked with Mabadiliko, a Community Interest Company, to work with residents in south east London to design and test community hypertension initiatives.

In south west London, we are working closely with South West London ICS and the South West London Training Hub to deliver a series of training sessions around hypertension, as part of the South West London Hypertension and Lipids Forum. More information about the Forum, including webinar presentations on a range of hypertension, cholesterol and familial hypercholesterolaemia topics, can be viewed here.

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  • NICE have published guidance on identifying and managing familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH), a specific type of high cholesterol which runs in the family.
  • NICE have published guidance on the assessment and care of adults who are at risk of or who have cardiovascular disease.