Coordinate My Care

The Health Innovation Network is currently working with Coordinate My Care (CMC): Urgent Care Planning Service to spread the use of CMC within the care home sector. CMC is a fantastic NHS clinical service which facilitates the sharing of information electronically between healthcare providers, coordinating care, and recording wishes of how individuals would like to be cared for across London. CMC ensures a person’s personalised urgent care plan is available 24/7 to all those who care for them.

The project is in the pilot stage. Two nursing homes are currently testing a new CMC model used for implementing CMC use. Unlike before this model allows carers and nursing staff electronic access to residents CMC records for those they care for. We plan to use learning from this pilot project to help other care homes (nursing and residential) adopt and embed CMC. Modifications of the model and variations in the approach to be taken by each care home will be dependent on the type of care home, local authority, CCG support, resources required, training needs and Information Governance compliance levels.

A timely breakthrough with a new and improved Information Governance toolkit by NHS Digital is a major development that the HIN is advocating. This development is paving the way for more care homes to move away from paper notes and venture in to the digital world. This will improve efficiency, patient empowerment and join up communication channels between care homes and NHS health care providers.

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