HeartFlow FFRCT for estimating fractional flow reserve (FFR) from coronary CT angiography

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the world’s number one killer, accounting for 15% of UK deaths in 2019¹. HeartFlow FFRCT analysis provides clinicians with a more efficient pathway for diagnosing CHD that combines simulation models and medical imaging data.

Project overview

Previously, diagnosis of CHD was determined primarily by coronary angiography, an invasive and costly procedure. To avoid risks from cardiac catheterisation, many healthcare systems rely on stress testing as a gatekeeper for coronary angiography, but stress tests do not always deliver reliable results and often result in more testing or overuse of invasive procedures such as invasive coronary angiography. HeartFlow FFRCT analysis utilises data from a patient’s non-invasive coronary CT, passing it through powerful computer algorithms to simulate blood flow and assess the impact of blockages on coronary blood flow.

The HIN is currently working with stakeholders including the supplier and clinicians to support with the implementation and adoption HeartFlow FFRCT analysis in South London.

HeartFlow FFRCT analysis is now in regular use in 3 south London trusts, having first been introduced in 2019. More than 300 patient scans have been analysed, avoiding unnecessary invasive procedures, improving patient experience and saving the NHS time and money.
Use of HeartFlow FFRCT analysis continues through Covid-19, with the added benefit of avoiding unnecessary hospital visits and the infection risks associated with patient travel and attendance in person.

The funding for HeartFlow FFRCT analysis is expected to move from the Innovation and Technology Payment to NHS England’s new MedTech Funding Mandate in April 2021.

We're here to help

We will continue to support existing trusts through this transition, whilst also working with newly adopting trusts to initiate use of HeartFlow FFRCT analysis. Please get in touch at hin.nhsaac@nhs.net for further information.

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