Mobile ECG Device Report

This project provides insight into the opportunities and challenges across a wide range of settings for providing opportunistic testing for AF using mobile ECG devices in asymptomatic groups

Project overview

In 2017, NHS England commissioned the 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) across England to undertake a system-wide procurement initiative to promote the uptake of digital technology. This novel approach to facilitate innovation adoption also aimed to reduce the incidence of stroke through increased detection of AF, alongside ongoing work to increase anticoagulation treatment rates in England.  6000 mobile ECG devices were distributed across the county by the AHSNs, allowing a greater range of healthcare and non-healthcare settings to offer opportunistic pulse rhythm checks to asymptomatic groups at increased risk of AF. Health Innovation Network as the AHSN for the 12 boroughs of south London was responsible for the distribution of 400 mobile ECG devices. This report aims to provide insight into the feasibility and effectiveness of opportunistic testing for AF across a wide range of settings using mobile ECG devices, supporting the HINs role in real world validation.

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