We help health and care teams in south London benefit from innovation faster

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Bringing clinical and operational improvement expertise together, we work with our south London members and the wider system to change and improve care through innovation.

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Our impact

We connect people with great ideas, inspire 
them to think differently and give them practical support to do something new. Our goal is to improve the lives of south Londoners through healthcare innovation.

Here are a few projects we’ve supported for our members.

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Professional development to 
care home staff in 12 south London boroughs through our Pioneer Programme

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100+ ESCAPE-pain sites across 
the UK to help people with musculoskeletal pain

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60+ outstanding innovators put through the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator

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£1 treatment for mothers in preterm labour to reduce the risk of cerebral palsy saving millions in health care and social costs

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50 strokes expected to be prevented through the rollout of 400 mobile ECG devices by March 2020

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12,000+ south Londoners referred 
to the Healthier You diabetes prevention programme by GPs 
and NHS HealthCheck providers

Our team

Our passionate team has expertise from across the health and care, public, private and commercial sectors.

Our board is responsible for making sure that 
Health Innovation Network lives up to our high standards.

Our members

Our membership is made up of 55 health and care organisations across 12 south London boroughs, including NHS providers, clinical commissioning groups, local authorities, care homes and academic institutions.

Our partners

We also work closely with our partners, including the other AHSNs, our local Academic Health Science Centre and our commissioning bodies.