At the Health Innovation Network, our people are our greatest asset. We have been recognised as an “Excellent” workplace by the London Healthy Workplace Charter scheme and we continuously work hard to offer a healthy working environment for our staff.


The HIN Joy working group led by our Medical Director, Dr Natasha Curran, is a core part of delivering policies and procedures as well as ensuring individuals feel joy at work is a strategic priority for the organisation. This work significantly contributes to our highly committed, skilled and productive workforce, the cornerstone of the HIN’s reputation.

“Happiness at work goes beyond providing yoga sessions and team lunches, wonderful as these are. It’s important that we provide an environment where people can do their best work. Developing a culture where our staff find their personal ‘joy’ at work allows them to develop and our organisation to flourish. As Don Berwick, President Emeritus and Senior Fellow of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement says; “Joy is a resource for excellence”.

Dr Natasha Curran, Medical Director


We have an active Health and Wellbeing (HWB) group that meets roughly once per quarter. It is open to all staff and has 24 active members, representing all levels of the organisation. It’s about more than just setting up activities, the group advocates for staff and works closely with the HIN Joy working group.

A variety of activities and initiatives have been born from the HWB group, including weekly yoga and mindfulness sessions in the office and protected time in the seating area for lunch without work conversations or meetings.

In 2018-19, HWB group stablished HIN-specific focus areas for the group to work on: Healthy Mind, Health Body and Healthy Culture.

We are investing and developing the future of the NHS today through the Graduate Information Management and Technology Fast Track scheme (Grad IM&T Fast Track scheme)