Looking after the NHS podcast: Episode 3

June 8, 2023

Looking after the NHS is a podcast produced by the Health Innovation Network which discusses how we can make the NHS even better. Whether you are a health and care professional or simply have an interest in innovating healthcare, Looking after the NHS aims to motivate and reassure listeners that change within the health and care sector is possible.

Key Statistics

  • In the NHS there are around 164,000 full-time doctors and 360,000 nurses and midwives
  • Between June 2021 and June 2022, the NHS saw a 25 per cent increase in the number of nurses leaving their role
  • It costs around £9,250 per year to become a nurse.

The podcast is hosted by Catherine Dale, Deputy Coordination Director at The AHSN Network, and Ayobola Chike-Michael, Senior Project Manager at the HIN.

In episode three Catherine and Ayo sat down with Hazel Steele, a Matron in Medical Specialities at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and former Project Manager at the HIN. The episode discusses the importance of clinical and non-clinical roles collaborating during projects which aim to improve outcomes for patients.

Hazel, having worked in both clinical and non-clinical positions, sheds some light on how projects can be more beneficial to the needs of patients by involving nurses and clinicians in the initial scoping of projects.

“It’s all about understanding the scale of the problem at the point of delivery.”Hazel Steele, Matron, Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital

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