Looking after the NHS podcast: Episode 4

July 31, 2023

Looking after the NHS is a podcast produced by the Health Innovation Network which discusses how we can make the NHS even better. Whether you are a health and care professional or simply have an interest in innovating healthcare, Looking after the NHS aims to motivate and reassure listeners that change within the health and care sector is possible.

Key Statistics

  • There are over 1.5 million full time equivalent staff working in NHS in England

  • The theory of Dunbar’s number tells us that in our lifetime we can only maintain a stable social relationship with 150 people

  • The Chaos Report found that of 50,000 projects around the world, 71 per cent failed to meet these three criteria: being on time, on budget and with satisfactory results.

The podcast is hosted by Catherine Dale, Deputy Coordination Director at The AHSN Network, and Ayobola Chike-Michael, Senior Project Manager at the HIN.

In episode four Catherine and Ayo were joined by Sam Hudson, Director of Überology Ltd and recognised expert in patient participation and experience. The episode discusses Communities of Practice (CoPs), which are groups of people who share a passion for improving practice in health and care. Practitioners from different backgrounds, with different perspectives, come together across organisations and across hierarchies to meet as equals to create new knowledge and develop potential solutions to problems that go beyond what each of us can address in isolation.

Sam is currently leading the HIN and Q Network's Communities of Practice Leadership Development Programme, and was able to provide some useful insight into the real-life improvements in health and care that can be achieved through CoPs.

The impact Communities of Practice can have is really powerful. There's a kind of magic in the room when it's really in its flow.Sam Hudson, Director, Uberology

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