Tara Donnelly to take on interim Chief Digital Officer role for NHS England

Tara Donnelly, Chief Executive of the Health Innovation Network, has been appointed as the interim Chief Digital Officer to spearhead the mission to empower patients through the use of digital technology.

The Chief Digital Officer leads the strategy for citizen facing digital services for NHS England and is SRO for the “Empower the Person” pillar of the NHS’s Digital Transformation programme. “Empower the Person” is one of the most ambitious digital healthcare transformation portfolios in the world and includes ten key programmes: the NHS website, the NHS App, NHS Online (verification of citizen identity), Apps & Wearables, Personal Health Record & Standards, Digital Child Health, Digital Maternity, Widening Digital Participation, GP Online and Patient access to WiFi.

Tara will continue as the Health Innovation Network’s Accountable Officer and Board Member during the interim period. Zoe Lelliott, currently the Deputy Chief Executive for theHealth Innovation Network, will take on the role of acting Chief Executive.

Tara Donnelly said:

“I’m delighted to be joining NHS England to help deliver the fantastic digital projects set out in the Long Term Plan. The NHS has stepped up its efforts on digital over the last few years and I’m excited at the opportunity to be involved in the next stage of work. The “Empower the Person” programme is one of the most ambitious digital healthcare transformation plans in the world, including the NHS App and its potential to transform the way citizens across the country access and interact with the NHS. I’m looking forward to joining the team that’s working hard to make these ambitions a reality.”

Zoe Lelliott said:

“We have an ambitious and creative portfolio of projects here at the Health Innovation Network, designed to support NHS and care staff to improve patients’ outcomes and experience, through innovation. Taking on the leadership of this work as the CEO is an exciting prospect, and I look forward to working with our team, our members and our partners in this new role over coming months.”

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Photo credit: Emile Holba