Care Homes Digital Maturity Dashboard

There is limited information on digital maturity in care homes within London. Building on the EoLC Care Home data packs created in 2018 and 2019, our Healthy Ageing and Informatics Teams were commissioned to create a user friendly and useful digital maturity dashboard for care homes across London. This project was led by the Health Innovation Network and funded by the Digital First London region team.

Project overview

There was a need for this because:

  • There is a lack of good quality data on care homes.
  • Much of the data was not user friendly, and very difficult to interpret.
  • It is difficult to keep track of whether care homes are open or closed.
  • It is difficult to understand the IT infrastructure of care homes.
  • Data is very fragmented and not easy to use to gather important insight.
  • There is a need to collect data at a strategic level.
  • Reduce the duplication of effort across London health and care teams trying to source this data.

The Care Home Digital Maturity Dashboard will be used to:

  • To support a small number of use cases and ensure that data has a purpose/ practical use.
  • Bring together national and local datasets specific to each use case.
  • Bring together additional activity data to understand the impact of digital projects on emergency healthcare utilisation.
  • Develop a Digital Maturity Index to assess the digital maturity/readiness of care homes.

This project is still underway and a working group with representatives from all five ICSs is providing feedback and input to ensure that the development of the dashboard is meeting the needs of the relevant project teams across London.

The HIN is working with Digital First to identify a long term approach to the development and hosting for the dashboard to be in place by Autumn 2021.

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