ESCAPE-pain for backs

ESCAPE-pain offers two programmes:
• ESCAPE-pain for knees and hips: designed to benefit people with chronic knee or hip pain.
• ESCAPE-pain for backs: designed to benefit people with chronic low back pain.

ESCAPE-pain for backs

This project is focused on promoting and supporting the implementation of the ESCAPE-pain for backs programme, across south London and beyond.

ESCAPE-pain for backs implements the NICE clinical guidelines for the management of low back pain [NG59]. The programme builds upon the strong evidence base behind the original ESCAPE-pain programme for knees and hips, following the same model and structure to help participants self-manage non-specific low back pain.

Where is ESCAPE-pain for backs being delivered?

Before lockdown, face-to-face ESCAPE-pain for backs classes were being delivered in over 15 sites across the UK. Because of government guidelines and social distancing, all sites suspended delivery in March 2020. As and when it is safe to do so sites will recommence face-to-face delivery.

In normal circumstances ESCAPE-pain for backs is offered in a range of different settings such as hospitals, physiotherapy departments, gyms, local leisure centres, and community halls.

Some sites have begun to deliver the programme virtually using platforms such as Zoom. For more information please contact

 How can I find out more about ESCAPE-pain for backs?

We are always keen to hear from organisations who wish to offer ESCAPE-pain for backs to their local populations. Training for staff is also available.


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