Local CCG support and case finding

The HIN Stroke Prevention team are working proactively with South London CCGs to identify ways to support best practice and optimise treatment of AF patients. Following a successful “virtual clinic” approach trialled in Lambeth and Southwark CCGs our current Darzi fellow is working with Lewisham practices to apply the same approach. The “virtual clinic” approach involves supporting GP practices to clinically review their patients at risk of stroke who are not currently receiving anticoagulation therapy and create action plans for the patients identified.

To improve the sustainability of this process, the project also identifies individual practices who require support in the form of education, decision making tools (for both clinicians and patients) and information resources. We are working closely with the local providers of anticoagulation services to ensure all local stakeholders benefit from the outcomes of the project. The project will support local service redesign and the outcomes can be tied into current local service improvements and projects.