Modernising Primary Care Telephony

In 2020, the HIN worked with the South East London Integrated Care System to explore how modern telephony systems can impact primary care service delivery. This culminated in the creation of a telephony commissioning guide which can be downloaded below.

In 2019 poor telephone systems were identified as one of the key areas affecting patient experience and access to local primary care service within the London borough of Lambeth. The southeast London Digital First Programme set out to improve primary care telephony through local healthcare, patient and industry stakeholder engagement which led to a workshop that stimulated many general practices to upgrade their systems. Whilst the learning from this was being consolidated, Covid-19 broke out across England. This very quickly highlighted the inadequacies of traditional telephone systems in facilitating an effective move to Total Triage and remote working for clinical and non-clinical staff.

The Health Innovation Network was tasked by Our Healthier Southeast London Integrated Care System to capture learning from across primary care, engage the primary care focused telephony market and produce guidance which can support primary care organisations across the country change or update their telephone systems.

The full report can be downloaded below

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