Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Competency Framework Implementation

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) Competency Framework Implementation project will be delivered in partnership with the London Respiratory Clinical Network (LRCN). The focus is on developing a toolkit, and aligned training solutions, that sit alongside the pan-London PR Competency Framework, and which enable ease and consistency of usage across PR services throughout London.

Project overview

Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is an exercise-based programme designed for people living with a variety of respiratory diseases to provide tailored advice and guidance on managing their condition and symptoms, including shortness of breath.

The London Respiratory Clinical Network launched the ‘Pan-London Pulmonary Rehabilitation Competency Framework’ in August 2023. The aim of the Competency Framework is to support the development and growth of a skilled and sustainable PR workforce for London, and to enable workforce expansion to include non-physiotherapy qualified health care professions through focusing on competency rather than role.

There is recognition that some resources will need to sit alongside this framework to enable providers to make best use of it. Some high-quality training is available from a range of sources to cover many of the competencies, however in some cases, such as British Thoracic Society courses, only limited numbers can attend bi-annually. Currently there are no training opportunities covering all of the identified competencies.

The Health Innovation Network (HIN) South London are supporting the implementation of the PR Competency framework by:

  • Working with pilot sites and clinical leads across London to develop a toolkit outlining how the competency framework can be used in practice.
  • Mapping the competencies in the framework to existing relevant training opportunities and develop a ‘role matrix’ to indicate essential competencies for different roles.
  • Developing, delivering, and evaluating training solutions to address any gaps in current provision.
  • Exploring opportunities to share best practice.

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