Respiratory illness affects one out of every five people and ranks as the third biggest cause of death in England, after cardiovascular disease and cancer. Every year, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) cost the NHS around £3 billion and £1.9 billion respectively. In total all lung conditions (including lung cancer) directly cost the NHS £11 billion annually. Factors such as smoking, poor housing, exposure to occupational hazards and air pollution can increase the incidence and mortality rate from respiratory disease. As a result, those from disadvantaged groups, and those living in areas of social deprivation, experience disproportionately higher incidence and worse outcomes in terms of respiratory disease.

Our work ranges from reducing the disparity of access to respiratory diagnostic services, to supporting the development and growth of a skilled and sustainable pulmonary rehabilitation clinical workforce. We also play a key role in encouraging and supporting the spread and adoption of evidence-based good practice in respiratory through our networks and partnerships, and by working with a wide range of stakeholders in south London, and nationally.

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